About Kim

Born in Boulder, Kim was raised by both her single mother and her older sister. Her mother struggled with severe mental illness and breast cancer throughout Kim’s childhood, leading to limited income, high bills, and frequent instability. As a child, Kim relied heavily on the free and reduced lunch program and scholarships to before- and after-school care programs and summer camps. Her experiences with these programs gives her a keen understanding of how vital they are in promoting healthy physical, mental, and social development in children, and how important it is to not only keep these programs alive, but expand their reach.

Kim started working in 6th grade as a summer camp counselor and after-school care aid at the same programs she attended throughout elementary school. She worked all through high school at fast food restaurants and child care facilities, helping her mother, on a fixed income, make ends meet. After graduating high school, Kim attended Loyola University New Orleans. Kim understands that it was by the grace of an amazing public education system that she was able to graduate from high school and continue on to get her college degree, and is dedicated to ensuring that all of Colorado’s children have access to high-quality, fully-public educations.

Kim was able to attend college through federal grants which, if she were a student today, she would no longer qualify for, merit scholarships, the federal work study program, and two part-time jobs. Kim learned important lessons in work ethic and personal responsibility as she worked to maintain the high grades needed in two majors to retain her financial aid. In 2005, three months after graduating university, Kim, her 11-week-old daughter, husband, and family dog were forced to leave the city in mandatory evacuations hours before Hurricane Katrina hit. They decided shortly after the storm that a move to Colorado would offer the best opportunities in raising their growing family.

Kim has lived in Lakewood with her husband and three children for over 10 years. She spent many years while her children were young as a stay at home mother, primarily because the cost of childcare eclipsed the income she could generate at the time. As her children grew old enough to attend school, she began working from home as an educational editor.

In addition to raising her three children, working full time from home, and leading a local Girl Scout troop, Kim is actively involved in local and national politics. She was elected as an at-large delegate representing supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders from the state of Colorado at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Kim is also the former Chair of House District 28, and still currently hold positions as PCP and central committee member in HD28, as well as sitting on numerous committees at the county, congressional district, and state party levels. She is also a member of the Jefferson County Democrats’ LGBTQ+ Caucus and Latino Initiative, and the State Progressive Initiative. Kim understands the importance of engagement at all levels of government as a means of effecting positive change in her community, and is dedicated to ensuring that the voices of Colorado’s working families are heard in the halls of the Capitol.