We have a moral obligation to ensure that our children and their children do not suffer the numerous detrimental ecological, economic, and physical effects of climate change and the destruction of our environment.


• Ramping up clean energy: encourage renewable energy research with grants to companies and groups who use local talent and resources to facilitate the immediate transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy; supporting development incentives for companies in the clean renewable energy sector, in support of living-wage jobs.

• Ramping down fracking: require that oil and gas companies prove the safety of current and proposed operations to both humans and the environment by conducting impact studies and releasing detailed, public reports on the chemicals they use in every form;  support local control of oil and gas industry; require operators to pre-fund their cap and cleanup costs, so that taxpayers never foot the bill when an operator abandons a well; increasing the low severance tax currently paid by the industry; full funding for the number of state inspectors required to annually inspect each of the over 60,000 active wells in Colorado.

• Help counties and municipalities purchase open space lands

• Encourage voters to reject land annexations and plans that are poorly-researched, do not sustain their attached communities, and are a boon for businesses at the expense of the workforce

• Colorado needs to join other states in meeting the requirements laid out in the Paris Climate Accord, even if the federal government has refused to

• Protect our public lands from a federal administration that wants to sell our public lands to mining and oil and gas companies