Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. When profits are introduced into a system intended to benefit all people, the needs of the people are sacrificed at the altar of the bottom line and shareholder profit.


• A universal health care system is the only way we can return our healthcare industry back into one whose main goal is the benefit and care of the people

o   When you no longer have to worry about premiums, deductibles, and co-pays, you are more likely to seek                  preventative care, stay healthy for longer periods of time, seek acute care sooner, miss less work, increase your productivity and take-home pay, and take home more money with each paycheck

o   Children miss less school when their medical care is preventative and has continuity, leading to better                           comprehension and performance, and, ultimately, higher graduation rates

• Ensure paid family and medical leave for all of Colorado’s workers

• Fight the reductions in Medicaid and Medicare coverage at the federal level, and mitigate the effects of it at the state level

• Prevent insurance companies operating in the state from using preexisting conditions as a means of denying coverage

• Require drug companies to offer prescriptions at no more than a 10% increase in production costs

• Ban drug companies from advertising directly to consumers via print, digital, or any other media

• Ban drug companies from offering kickbacks or ‘gifts’ to physicians who prescribe certain drugs

• Research and analyze opiate prescriptions and abuse rates across the state

o   Set legal restrictions to the scope and number of opiate prescriptions a single general physician can write

o   Increase funding for substance abuse treatment centers so that those who suffer from opiate addiction can                receive comprehensive care and reduce relapse rates

o   Equip first responders with Narcan to prevent overdose deaths

• Mental health care

o   Coverage needs to be a mandatory component of healthcare coverage

o   Train law enforcement departments to appropriately manage mental health crises

o   Create a public service education project to inform the public about mental health issues and remove the                    social stigma of mental illness

o   Prevent so-called ‘conversion therapy’ from receiving any kind of state or local funding

• Allowing LGBTQ+ children seek mental health and counseling services without the permission of their parents