Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system in both Colorado and the nation as a whole is in desperate need of reform. We need to change the ways we approach law enforcement, criminal prosecution and defense, and

  • Train police forces to manage mental health crises
  • Train police forces in non-violent threat management techniques
  • Prohibit cities and municipalities from using taxpayer funds to settle civil abuse-of-force lawsuits
  • Remove mandatory minimums for all non-violent offenses
  • Increase the length of statute of limitations on sex crimes
  • Study and remedy the severe racial disparities in arrests and convictions
  • Prevent people convicted of domestic violence from purchasing or possessing guns
  • Divest the state from the funding and use of private prisons
  • Hold Colorado Correctional Industries accountable for violations of regulations and statutes, including:
    • Require CCI to fund the Colorado DoC services mandated by statute, and run regular audits to ensure they continue to adhere to statutes
    • Prohibit the CCI from making a profit from inmate phone services o Perform quarterly audits of CCI financials and inmate services, including the recidivism and post-incarceration employment rates of released inmates
    • Remove the requirement that state-funded institutions purchase prisoner-made furniture from CCI without needing waivers