Veterans’ Issues

As the wife, niece, goddaughter, granddaughter, and friend of veterans, I find it a national disgrace that anyone who has served our country should come home and face employment problems, mental health issues, and homelessness on their own.


• Work with local veterans’ groups to ensure that we are serving the needs of those who risked their lives for our freedoms

• Ensure that veterans receive affordable, quality, and timely physical and mental health care

• Create a commission to study and reduce the suicide rate among veterans

• Ensure that we continue to encourage employers to hire and train veterans so that they come home to productive, quality employment opportunity

• Affordable housing in conjunction with employment and mental health care is also key to reducing the homelessness rate among our veterans

• Enact laws that prevent the deportation of Colorado’s veterans who served their time and risked their lives for our freedom. Completed service in the armed forces should be a legal pathway to citizenship in the US