Women’s Rights

As a woman and mother to two daughters, I feel we need to have a critical conversation about women’s rights in both our state and federal governments.


• We need to pressure our federal-level legislators on two key issues: full ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, and repeal of the Hyde Amendment

• Create a state-level Equal Rights Law that will protect the physical and emotional rights of our female citizens until the federal amendment is ratified

o   Keep medical decisions a conversation between patients and their physicians

o   Institute equal pay mandates

o   Support and protect women who report physical, sexual, and emotional violence

o   Officially recognize and support the services provided by Planned parenthood and similar groups which                       lower overall healthcare costs and provide critical low-cost cancer screenings, preventative gynecological                     care and maintenance, contraception, education, and disease screenings

• Remove legal distinctions between all identities (male, female, non-binary, trans, etc.) in all state legal and civil matters